Plan of Work for the year 2023

Peru has a surface area of 1,285,215.60 km², of which 679,329.15 km² is Amazonian forest (Source: Geobosques del Ministerio del Ambiente), which currently represents 52.85% of the national territory.

A latent threat is the loss of forest mainly due to migratory agriculture, so much so, that in the magazine portal of the National Forest Conservation Program for Climate Change Mitigation (Geobosques of the Ministry of Environment) reports a loss of forest of about 785 square miles for the year 2020 and 532 square miles for the year 2021, figures that will increase, causing irreversible damage to the environment.

We know that we have an arduous task to mitigate the loss of forest, therefore the initiative to develop the reforestation project is to contribute to the fight against climate change, to the restitution of forests, and to ensure the conservation of forests that help to improve the quality of life of local populations.




Reforest an area of 0.1 square mile, with tropical  species of high commercial value, specialists in flood soils, as a model to follow for the communities of Santa Maria de Fatima, San Juan de Huashalado, Pantoja, Nueva Amazonia, San Pedro, Carococha and Santa Martha, located in the sector of the Amazon River, district of Belen, province of Maynas, department of Loreto.


  • Establishing a list of plant species to be reforested in the communities of Santa Maria de Fatima, San Juan de Huashalado, Pantoja, Nueva Amazonia, San Pedro, Carococha and Santa Martha.
  • Zoning and delimitation of the area to be reforested.
  • Installation of a forest nursery for seedling production.
  • Awareness talks to the communities of Santa María de Fátima, San Juan de Huashalado, Pantoja, Nueva Amazonía, San Pedro, Carococha and Santa Martha about conservation efforts.
  • Preparation of the area to be reforested (cleaning, staking and digging).
  • Planting of seedlings in a definitive field.

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