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We are proud of our committed and diverse staff driven by our common goal to create lasting wellbeing for children and families.

Oliver Villacorta CEO - AKEC , USA

Oliver is an experienced manager with over a decade of professional experience in IT and cybersecurity, 6 of those being in the healthcare industry. He has served numerous clients and his experience includes HIPAA security and privacy assessments, security remediation planning, technical troubleshooting, and information security project management. Oliver holds a Computer Science Degree from The University of North Georgia, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Information Systems with a focus on Information Security and Assurance from Kennesaw State University. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Information Systems at Georgia State University

Cintya Villacorta CEO-AKIEC , Peru

Cyntya Villacorta has experience with administrative and logistical organizations and project management. A graduate from UNAP, she has been part of multiple projects where her leadership skills and problem solving skills have made the difference. She now leads Amazon King Educational Center’s conservation programs.

Dr. Roosevelt Garcia-Villacorta Phd.

Roosevelt Garcia-Villacorta currently works at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University. Roosevelt does research in Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Botany. His skills include plant molecular systematics, biodiversity and environmental impact assessments, habitat mapping with ArcGIS tools, and various programming languages such as R, Python, and C. His current project is “Multi-objective optimization assessment of the impacts of hydropower projects in the Andes-Andes region”.

Luis Felipe Vela Montalvan, MS

Biologist, Master of Science with expertise in planning and management of Protected Natural Areas. Long term experience in the design, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and systematization of projects for the development and conservation of biodiversity, linked to the field of sustainable tourism. With more than 20 years in conservation work and management of renewable natural resources in the National Reserves: Pacaya Samiria, Allpahuayo Mishana and their Buffer Zones; Regional Conservation Areas that include: Fisheries and Wildlife Management Programs, management and resolution of conflicts, development of ecotourism activities and environmental education program. Experience working with private and public institutions.

Julio Cesar Villacorta Ramirez, MS

Forestry Engineer , máster of science Julio César Villacorta Ramirez has vast experience directing, coordinating and evaluating the performance of technical and administrative activities of environmental programs issuing technical reports. Relevant skills in coordinating with regional dependencies planning and executing of programs. Has worked in promoting the systematic management of basins and micro-basins that relates it to its environment. Has helped develop processes to comply with and enforce the rules of agricultural activity, in coordination with the public and private organizations.

Dr. Raul Chuquiyauri MD-PhD, MPH

Highly dynamic and dedicated professional, with solid experience in program management and a track record of planning, developing, and executing community health projects and trials clinical. Proven success in strategic influencing, and communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders, including governments, international development agencies and private industry. Determined and results-oriented leader with extensive experience in coordinating the life cycle of the project from inception to finish . Powerful interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, with the ability to recruit, train, and mentor cross-functional teams. Demonstrated capacities in the management of national programs of malaria control and sponsored clinical studies, knowledgeable in preparing research protocols and organization of community meetings.

Dr. Leoncio Moreno

Leoncio Moreno is a dental surgeon and teacher in primary education. With a unique ability to solve problems and generate solutions. Experienced in healthcare, with ability to work, direct and organize groups to guarantee the success. Extensive experience in developing activities for rural communities and manage social work supports.

Dr. Marcos Munoz

Dr Marcos Munoz is an experienced healthcare professional in the odontology field. With Vast experience dealing with governmental and private institution projects.

Carlos Augusto Tello Hupiachihua, MS

Carlos Tello has a master in International business and Environmental science. Professional with experience in management and training of human resources, marketing, finance, as well as journalistic, advertising, educational management and university teaching in safety, occupational and environmental health, mastery of computer tools.