Since 1985, we have participated in humanitarian projects in the Peruvian Amazon.

Letter Written By

Oliver F. Villacorta, President

My name is Oliver F. Villacorta, and I am the proud son of Demetrio Villacorta, the visionary founder of Amazon King International Educational Center. As someone who has grown up witnessing my father’s relentless dedication to uplifting the communities in the Peruvian Amazon, I am writing to you today to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your generous support and to share my own dreams for the future of this initiative.

My father’s story, as you may know, began in a remote village in the Amazon. His life was transformed by a chance encounter with an American missionary, sparking a lifelong commitment to service and community development. Over the past three and a half decades, he has not only been a tour operator but also a catalyst for change, building schools, digging water wells, and establishing medical centers.

The recent global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges, affecting families in our communities in ways we could never have anticipated. It was during this time of crisis that my father and I founded Amazon King International Educational Center, focusing on the critical issue of food security.

In partnership with John Hiers and his non-profit organization, Trees and Seeds, we have begun to turn our vision into reality. Together, we aim to empower the local people of the Peruvian Amazon with the knowledge and tools they need for sustainable agriculture, thereby ensuring long-term food security.

As the next generation, my dream is to expand upon my father’s legacy. I envision a future where we not only address food security but also bring modern education and infrastructure to the Peruvian Amazon. I see schools equipped with the latest technology, medical centers with advanced facilities, and most importantly, communities that are self-sufficient and prosperous.

None of this would be possible without your support. Your contributions are not just donations; they are investments in the future of these communities and, by extension, in the future of our world.

I invite you to continue this journey with us. Together, we can transform lives and create a lasting impact that will be felt for generations to come.

Thank you once again for your generosity and belief in our mission. I look forward to updating you on our progress and sharing our successes.

Thank you

Oliver F. Villacorta

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