Sustainable Farming

Join us in a lifetime opportunity where we bring agricultural knowledge to local villages along the Amazon rive in Peru.

We’ve partnered with Trees and Seeds and experts in Ecology to bring hands on experience for students or volunteers to develop food security projects and reforestation initiatives.

Agricultural Activities

  • Work in the designated are with local family chosen to learn about sustainable farming practice
  • Develop the land and make it ready for planting
  • Transplant plant nursery and/or through direct seeding
  • Harvest


  • Substrate and seed work
  • Management of receptacles
  • Mixing and prepare nutritional solutions
  • Planting
  • Control of plant disease


  • Work in designated areas ready for reforestation efforts
  • Installation of plant and tree nurseries
  • Preparation of seedlings
  • Planting in tree nurseries
  • Irrigation and application of foliar nutrients

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